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This summer, while Viramundo (by Pierre-Yves Borgeaud, Urban Distribution International) is launched in 6 additional European countries via the Tide Experiment, Magnifica Presenza will be simultaneously discovered by the theatrical and VOD audiences from 4 European countries: in France (DistribFilms), on VOD on July 10th and on cinemas July31st, in Austria (Filmladen) on August 23rd and in Ireland & United Kingdom (Peccadillo Pictures) on October 4th. These day-and-date and multi-territory releases are carried within the Tide Experiment’s framework, thanks to the European Commission.

This specific distribution model allows the creation of a common and transversal marketing strategy. Magnifica Presenza’s marketing tools were outlined by the involved distributors, all together and in collaboration with Fandango Portobello and the Tide Experiment’s team. (

« At first the thought of coordinating and working collectively with a team from several European territories was quite daunting, but we quickly found that our similarities far outweighed our differences. Participating in The Tide Experiment has been a very worthwhile and enlightening experience for the whole Peccadillo team. » (Tom Abell, Director – Peccadillo Pictures).

This mutualization is strengthening Magnifica Presenza’s local and transversal visibility since financial and operational resources are focused on the releases. « With the mutualized marketing costs, the distributor has no pollution and can focus on the essential: marketing, marketing, marketing! For Distrib Films, the experience has been 100% positive. And we’re looking forward to releasing simultaneously Magnifica Presenza on two windows, VOD and theater, and seeing how we can improve this new model of marketing and distribution for a next film for which this kind of model is relevant. » (François Scippa-Kohn, Director – Distrib Films).

Magnifica Presenza’s gain of exposure is also a unique and meaningful experience from the point of view of the talents. « When I’m directing a film, one of my purposes is to share it with people, no matter where they are. I’m then very happy Magnifica Presenza is travelling this summer through Europe and that French, Austrian, British and Irish spectators will discover this very personal artwork in their favorite cinema and/or at home on VOD platforms. » (Ferzan Ozpetek, Magnifica Presenza’s director).

The Tide Experiment is also aiming an optimization of the exploitation of Magnifica Presenza on both medias and in the four territories, supporting the action of involved distributors, covering 100% of the P&A costs, coordinating the process and providing professional skills on transversal and digital marketing field. « This experience has been an opportunity for Filmladen to focus our efforts on the day-and-date release, still a quite new distribution model, and to improve how we’re approaching these multi-dimensional simultaneous releases. » (Michael Stejskal, Managing Director – Filmladen).

The Tide Experiment’s economic model is based on totally transparent profit sharing. « Magnifica Presenza’s international sales have really benefited from the Tide Experiment framework. The attention of distributors on Magnifica Presenza was of course partly caught by such an experiment on a potential future model of distribution and such a financial support. The Tide Experiment’s process is a guarantee for getting quick revenues from the global VOD exploitation and royalties from local theatrical and VOD exploitation, answering that way to right-holder’s inquiries. » (Raffaella di Giulio, International Sales – Fandango Portobello).

Paris, July 8th, 2013


*The Tide Experiment’s grouping is composed by L’ARP (coordinator), Europa Distribution, Under the Milky Way, The Film Agency and 4 Sales Agents.

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