Spirit of ’45

IWM_END_SHOT016Director: Ken Loach

Producer : Sixteen Films

International Sales Agent: Wild Bunch

Distributors: BiM Distribuzione (Italy) ; Cinéart (Benelux) ; Vertigo (Spain) ; Wild Bunch Germany (Germany) ; Wild Side (France – VOD rights only).

Genre: documentary, history

Festivals: Berlinale Special 2013


L’année 1945 a marqué un tournant dans l’histoire de la Grande-Bretagne. L’unité de son peuple pendant les combats de 1939-1945, et le souvenir douloureux de l’entre-deux-guerres ont conduit à l’émergence d’un nouvel idéal social. La fraternité est ainsi devenue le mot d’ordre de cette époque. Pour former la trame narrative éminemment sociopolitique de son film, le réalisateur Ken Loach a eu recours à des séquences vidéo provenant d’archives régionales et nationales britanniques, à des enregistrements sonores et à des témoignages contemporains. L’esprit de 45 entend mettre en lumière et rendre hommage à un moment-clé de l’histoire du Royaume-Uni, marqué par un sentiment de solidarité sans précédent dont l’impact a été significatif pendant de nombreuses années, et qui risque pourtant d’être redécouvert aujourd’hui. [BANDE-ANNONCE]

1945 was a pivotal year in British history, when great changes in the post-war social and political landscape helped redefine how Britain was run. The film is about the spirit of a new kind of socialism that shaped that era, and reflects upon where those ideals are now. TRAILER ]

  • 3 sorties en day-and-date, 1 sortie en direct-to-VOD et 1 sortie VOD classique
    • Cinéma: 4 Septembre 2013 en Belgique, le 12 Septembre en Italie et le 13 Septembre en Espagne.
    • VOD: le 13 Septembre sur tous les territoires et sur toutes les plateformes.
  • 7 territoires: Allemagne, Belgique, Espagne, France, Italie, Luxembourg et les Pays-Bas.
  • 5 langues: allemand, espagnol, français, hollandais et italien.
  • 26  platformes VOD
    • Multiterritoriales: iTunes (7 sites locaux : Allemagne, Belgique, Espagne, France, Italie, Luxembourg et les Pays-Bas)
    • France: FilmoTV, CanalPlay, Orange, SFR, Videofutur, GooglePlay
    • Italie: Chili, Cubovision, OwnAir, MyMovies
    • Espagne: Filmin, Wuaki, Nubeox, Canal+, Yomvi, Ono, Movistar
    • Benelux: Belgacom, Voo et UniversCiné
  • 33 cinemas
  • 3 day-and-date releases, 1 direct-to-VOD release and 1 traditional VOD release
    • Theatre: 4 September 2013 in Belgium, 12 September in Italy and 13 September in Spain.
    • VOD: 13 September in all territories and on all platforms.
  • 7 territories: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands and Spain.
  • 5 languages: Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
  • 26 VOD platforms
    • Multiterritorial: iTunes (7 local stores)
    • France: FilmoTV, CanalPlay, Orange, SFR, Videofutur, GooglePlay
    • Italy: Chili, Cubovision, OwnAir, MyMovies
    • Spain: Filmin, Wuaki, Nubeox, Canal+, Yomvi, Ono, Movistar
    • Benelux: Belgacom, Voo et UniversCiné
  • 33 cinemas
  • Common release date: choice of a common release date taking into account regulations applicable in France, the respective line-ups and markets of each distributor and following one rule: release the film In all territories and ON all medias concerned within the shortest possible time-frame.
  • Shared visual identity: use of the same designer to draw up a joint graphics charter. However, freedom for each distributor to adapt to his own market and the expectations of his local audience.
  • Common bonus: Exclusive interview of Ken Loach by FilmoTV made available to all distributors.
    • Multiterritorial platform: iTunes
      • Promotion on home pages of local stores (sliders+bricks)
      • Promotion on iTunes Facebook pages
    • Local  platforms: highlighting on their home pages, promotion in their newsletters, exclusive content (extracts, interview of Ken Loach by FilmoTV)
  • Promotion on social media of distributors’ VOD platforms
  • Web campaign: targeted by territory with banners mentioning the VOD release and also the theatrical release for the countries concerned.
Territory Sites
France Le nouvel Obs, Culture G, Evene.fr, Deezer
Germany History.de, Spiegel.de, Taz.de
Spain Ccoo, Notodo.com, Fnac, The Cult
Italy Il Fatto Quotidiano, MyMovies, Facebook
Benelux Lalibre.be, Lesoir, BeTV
  •  Press coverage with articles in national newspapers and competitions to win cinema tickets. Despite an effort to highlight the experimental aspect of day-and-date releases, few articles mentioned this information.
  • Event-type previews:
    • Italy: final evening of a workshop devoted to the economy and social protection in the presence of Wilma Labate (Italian director), Elio Germano (Italian actor – best actor award in Cannes in 2010) and Giovanni Spagnoletti (film critic)
    • Spain: preview in partnership with Sensacine introduced by a historian and special preview for CC.OO, major Spanish trade-union.
  • Search for European partnership: In the name of all the distributors of the group, Vertigo launched negotiations with History Channel and National Geographic in order to obtain a TV screening of THE SPIRIT OF ’45 simultaneously in all the territories. While these negotiations did not lead to an agreement, they did make it possible to promote the Speed Bunch project and the preparatory action to channels in several European territories. The distributors keep in mind the idea of concluding a multi-territorial TV sales deal for forthcoming titles in the project.